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Ukrainian Hackers Spend $25,000 Of Pro-Russian Blogger’s Money On S*x Toys

Ukrainian Hackers Spend $25,000 Of Pro-Russian Blogger’s Money On S*x Toys

An enormous shipment of sex toys was delivered to a pro-Russian blogger who collected $25,000 for drones to aid the Russian military fighting in Ukraine.

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Putin supporter Mikhail Luchin’s account was hacked by the Cyber Resistance Group, and the money earmarked to buy Chinese drones was instead spent on dildos and strap-ons to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

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The hackers claim that they ordered the sex toys on AliExpress using Luchin’s credit card.

In a Telegram post, the Cyber Resistance Group described Luchin as “a war criminal, a swindler, a Chechen hater, and a Ukrainian spy”.

Ukrainian Hackers Spend $25,000 Of Pro-Russian Blogger’s Money On S*x Toys

To that list they have now added “a new hobby” – Luchin, they say, has now collected hundreds of sex toys.

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“Now instead of drones, he will have to send trucks full of vibrators, strap-ons and other very valuable things for the Russian people.”

Apparently Luchin intended to just return the things to AliExpress to get his money back, but for, well, reasonable reasons, businesses don’t issue refunds for sex toys.

Ukrainian Hackers Spend $25,000 Of Pro-Russian Blogger’s Money On S*x ToysThe hacking of pro-Russian military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky’s (also known as Maxim Fomin) email and AliExpress account was confirmed by his friend Luchin, who was killed with Tatarsky in a St. Petersburg cafe explosion over the weekend.

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Luchin allegedly revealed his plans to create a sex shop and use the proceeds to purchase even more drones for the Russian military in a later Telegram message.

No one knows how exactly Luchin’s accounts were hacked, but hopefully this bizarre story will serve as a warning to all computer users to be on the lookout for phishing attacks, to use strong passwords, and to always use two-factor authentication when it’s an option.

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