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Top Cyber Security Courses You Can Enroll Online For Free (2022)

Top Cyber Security Courses You Can Enroll Online For Free (2022)

Top Cyber Security Courses You Can Enroll Online For Free (2022)

Best Cyber Security Courses You Can Enroll Online For Free

Are you looking at starting an online certification course in cybersecurity and you don’t have enough funds? Do you want to start this journey without any financial aid and get certified?  Then this article is for you.

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Cyber security is a hot cake in the online market and a lot of people are coming to light of it. Multi-nationals and industries are now on the lookout for cybersecurity experts and professionals. With the increase in cyber awareness and the volatility of the system, security personnel are well needed.

Check out the List Of the Best Free Cyber Security Certification programmes and courses below:

The Federal Government-Initiated Cybersecurity course platform


The US Department of Homeland Security’s CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) is a clear source of cybersecurity knowledge.

However, you might not be aware that you can take advantage of the wealth of knowledge held by US government security professionals without having to fly all the way to the country and that you can do it for nothing.

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For anyone who doesn’t reside in the US’s midwestern region, there is a full gateway of online courses available to people interested in the security of industrial control systems. The DHS provides a full calendar of training sessions you can attend in Idaho Falls.

Variety Of Courses No accreditation
Government Supported
Free Courses With Certifications

2. Cybrary


Cybrary is an online library for study resources linked to cybersecurity, IT, and other information security. After making a free account, you get access to approximately 500 courses, all of which are free and are ranked by difficulty.

You can search for classes by vendors, such as Cisco, (ISC)2, and Microsoft, or by level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced). Both of those curricula are given similar prominence in Cybrary’s large course selection, whether you wish to learn the principles of malware or the craft of the Jedi mind trick.

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The best thing about Cybrary’s courses is that they frequently concentrate on particular IT-related topics. As a result, if there are any areas in which you’d like to specialise, you may do so without having to take a more extensive course.

Variety Of Courses No accreditation
Detailed Area Of Specialization
Free Courses With Certifications

Best Cyber Security Courses Online For Free (2022)

3. Open Security Training



Open Security Training is home to a variety of intermediate and advanced classes, as well as a swath of beginner lessons that any newbie would be a fool to pass up. Its website appears to be what you’d get if you took all the slideshows and teaching materials from a university cybersecurity department and uploaded them to a domain sporting the most minimalist user interface ever.

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The x86 and x64 architectures used by Intel CPUs are thoroughly explained, and there are also introductions to issues like cellular security, network forensics, and vulnerability assessment.

4. Heimdal Security


Heimdal Security’s Cyber Security Course for Beginners is offered by the same company that brought you The Daily Security Tip. This is also an email-based course, but unlike The Daily Security Tip, it has a much larger syllabus.

Every two days for five weeks, a new lesson is delivered in the Cyber Security Course for Beginners, all without the requirement to repay any student loans. Its goal is to provide you with detailed instructions for preventing the misuse of your personal information.

CyberSecurity Courses You Can Enroll  For Free (2022)

5. Sans Cyber Aces Online
A basic introduction to cyber security


Limited  Courses Limited Offers
Basic Or Introduction Covered


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