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How Organizations Can Secure Clients’ Data From Hackers.

How Organizations Can Secure Clients’ Data From Hackers.

How Organizations Can Secure Clients’ Data From Hackers.

 Securing The Company Clients’ Data From Hackers.

Data breaches that lead to loss of resources and expose clients could be disastrous and permanent. Some years ago, details and information of clients were breached in a Forex trading platform that led to a breakdown and loss of lives and properties as hackers went after the clients. These hackers downloaded all their details, including their finance, and gained access to their funds. The result was detrimental and the loss was irrecoverable. 

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As the awareness of the possibilities and volatilities of IT grows, there is a need for companies/organisations to take the lead in ensuring top-notch security against hackers. 

When a system is well secured from enemies without, there must also be structures in place to protect it from enemies within. 

Cybercrime is on the increase and more so in the years to come. So this blog is built on the premise of the importance of Cybersecurity. Filled with adequate updates and information that will benefit both the individual and company from falling into cyber hacks. 

In this article, we will discuss tips on how a company can protect their private or client data from hackers. 

Protecting From External Breach Attempt. 

This is the most common. Every company has a system of shield or defence against hackers and thieves. When a company collates the personal data of people, such as funds, there must be structures in place to protect that.  Most common are Passwords, Verifications, Authentications and Validations. 

The following methods can be used to safeguard or protect the system on a precautional level.

4 Methods Of Protecting Data From External Breach Attempts. 
  1. PASSWORDS: A Password could be a long or complex line of digits and letters that are constant and key to unlocking a particular profile or segment.  In choosing a password, you must make use of the following tips written in the below article. READ HERE
  2. VERIFICATION: Verification means double-checking the entered password with an automated message, token or mail to confirm that the entry point is of a known or registered origin. This helps to confirm that first, a human is trying to gain access and secondly a registered user and not a stranger.
  3. AUTHENTICATION: This is similar to Verification as it also requires a second step password or approval in order to gain access. But, this is of a higher standard than just verification because a time frame is added to execute the entry.  When you use an authenticator such as Google Authenticator, a 10-15 sec window is given per randomly generated code present and the system automatically sends a different code. This will mean that there would be lesser time for a hacker to breach unless and of course, the Authenticator is not in their custody.
  4. VALIDATION – means the user identity is required. This could be a certified means of identity, such International passport, national identity card, or driver’s license. A Step further in this could be the use of unique body features such as fingerprints, voice match, iris or eyelid scanner, posture or motion sensor and so on.

Every company that deals with people’s private data and information must have all these in place and if not all at least 3 of the 4 listed above.  By so doing, you have made the system secure from the enemies within or external attempts to break into your server

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How Organizations Can Secure Clients’ Data From Hackers.

Protecting From Internal Breach Or Mole. 

When some companies get hacked or have their servers breached. The hackers gain access by having an agent within the system that aids their plot. When you want to choose your team leaders or executives, and give them admin roles, try to limit it to people of mutual interest. 

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When your admin panel is filled with people who don’t share your company’s goals and vision, their integrity will automatically be questionable. No one can tell for sure who will be the loophole by mere appearance, but there should be thorough scrutiny before this exclusive role is given to people. 

3 Ways Of Protecting Data From Internal Breach Attempts. 
  1. CEO SECRET; If you’re the owner or CEO, don’t make yourself the sole key to the vault or treasure room of the company. Why? Because should anything happen to you everything is locked up and there is no access which could be no more business. So in this case keep the details with someone out of reach or contact, such as a reputable law firm or institution. Such that respect privacy and are secure enough. 
  2. PARTNERSHIP/TEAM SAFETY; For Partners with Shares That Own the Company- Let your access to the vault be a combination of your tokens or passwords or validations. This however means for anyone to gain access they must bring you all together to make that possible. This will make breaching near impossible and as well an enemy within can not pull this off alone. You will all need to be involved. Keep your regular or low clearance level staff away from the admin area. No staff should be seen in the restricted area above their clearance level. Do this and strictly follow this rule you will reduce the risk of losing data to hackers via your staff or mole.
  3. THIRD-PARTY SERVICE PROVIDER; Engage a Cybersecurity expert service. These are professionals with up-to-date information on the latest cyber threat and how to shield the company from it. These services might cost a fortune but save the future of your company.

In conclusion, there is a need for every organization to step up their security and firewall against the ever-increasing data awareness. More and more breaches ere recorded in the past 5 years than ever before since the inception of technology. As hackers become more rampant and sophisticated, learn to keep your space updated and duly secured. Please comment below if you find this article helpful.

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